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Apply for Africa's First Education Technology Incubator & Seed Investment Programme

Brief Description

During this time, you’ll get an opportunity to work with subject matter experts in education, business, technology and entrepreneurship. But that’s not all, just for participating in the programme, you’ll receive a grant of R100,000 to spend on your business. Finally, if we’re impressed with your performance and trajectory once you’ve joined our alumni startups, Injini may offer an investment of up to R1 million for equity in your business!


The programme is open to anyone from, based in or focused on any African country.

• Your EdTech startup is based in Africa and focused on improving educational outcomes somewhere on the continent.

• Your solution is aiming to address a key problem related to education in Africa.

• Your solution is evidence-based — meaning, you can point to research that backs up your methods or hypothesis.

• Your company is registered and a certificate of incorporation can be shared with the Injini team upon request.

• Your startup has (at least) a minimum viable product or prototype.

• Your startup has (at least) one full-time founder.

• One or more decision-making members of your startup’s founding team are able to travel to Cape Town during Phases 1 and 3 of the incubation programme.

• Participating founders from outside of South Africa must have a valid passport and eligibility to apply for a South African visa.

• Participating founders must be fluent in English.

Deadline is 10th December 2019

For more information, click here

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