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Apply for Humboldt Research Track Scholarship

Brief description:

The Humboldt Research Track funding line is designed to support outstanding Master’s students from Humboldt-Universität who plan to pursue a doctorate. Graduates from other universities may also be funded if they pursue a doctorate at Humboldt-Universität. The program offers funding for the transition phase between the end of a Master’s program and the beginning of a doctorate.


Funding of 800 EUR per month is awarded for up to six months. Scholarship holders with children receive an additional 400 EUR a month for the first child, plus 100 EUR for each additional child. In exceptional cases, funding can be extended for up to an additional six months.


  • Outstanding Master’s students as well as graduates who plan to pursue their doctorate at Humboldt-Universität or – if graduated from Humboldt-Universität – at another university in Germany or abroad.

  • Excellent academic results or an excellent degree and an original, high-quality proposal of the doctoral project.


The Humboldt Research Track Scholarships are awarded four times a year. Application periods are

1 April to 15 May for funding starting 1 August

1 June to 15 July for funding starting 1 October

1 September to 15 October for funding starting 1 February

1 December to 15 January for funding starting 1 April.

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