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Apply for Knight-Hennessy Scholarship for Graduates


Knight-Hennessy Scholars is a magnet for talent. We curate a multidisciplinary community of scholars, offer a platform for purposeful leadership development, and empower you to effect large-scale positive impact in the world.


The education of Knight-Hennessy Scholars is funded for up to three years for any graduate degree(s) at Stanford to which you are admitted at the time you are selected as a scholar.

During each of the first three years of graduate study, Knight-Hennessy Scholars receive:

  • a fellowship applied directly to cover tuition and associated fees

  • a stipend for living and academic expenses (such as room and board, books, academic supplies, instructional materials, local transportation, and reasonable personal expenses)

  • a travel grant intended to cover an economy-class ticket for one annual trip to and from Stanford


  • You are eligible to apply to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program if you are applying to enroll in a full-time graduate program(s) at Stanford (for example, but not limited to, DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS, or PhD) or if you plan on pursuing one of Stanford’s many joint- and dual- graduate degree options (for example, but not limited to, MD+PhD, JD+MA, MBA+MS).

  • Applicants from All Countries Welcome

  • Beyond eligibility for your graduate program, the eligibility factor is the year you received your undergraduate degree. You are eligible to apply to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program if you received your first/bachelor’s degree in 2014 or later. That means:

  • You must have graduated in January 2014 through September 2021 to enroll at Stanford in Autumn 2021. If you graduated with your first/bachelor’s degree more than 6 years before applying (in 2013 or earlier, for the Autumn 2021 intake), then you are not eligible for consideration as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar. This applies even if you have earned an additional degree in 2014 or later. If you have earned a graduate degree, you remain eligible to enroll in 2021 as long as you earned your first/bachelor’s degree in 2014 or later.

  • If you are still in college studying for your first/bachelor’s degree, you are eligible to apply as long as you will complete your first/bachelor’s degree before you enroll as a graduate student at Stanford. It is advisable that applicants use the guidelines provided in the official website (link found below) to determine whether they are eligible to apply to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program for Autumn 2021 enrollment.


The application is ongoing.

For more information, click here


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