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Apply for Siemens China Scholarship 2020 to study at Tsinghua University

Brief Description

The Siemens China Scholarship at Tsinghua University is a full scholarship offered by Siemens Ltd., China to support outstanding international students to pursue Ph.D. degrees in Tsinghua University. The Scholarship recipients will cooperate with Siemens in 8 fields (details in Table 1), such as Artificial Intelligence, Future of Automation, Autonomous Robotics, etc. to conduct research in the Ph.D. stage. Through the study and practice in the forefront of industrial technology development, Scholarship recipients will lay the foundation for the growth of innovative talents in the industry.

1. Contents and Standard

—— Tuition fees: 40,000 RMB/year;

—— Living allowance (including accommodation, medical insurance, books or other materials, transportation, etc): 160,000 RMB/year in total.

  2. Duration

 —— Scholarships are awarded to the Scholarship recipients for a period of four years in principle;If the Scholarship recipient completes his or her study and gets the degree in advance, the duration of the scholarship for the student shall be shortened accordingly and consistent with the actual study period.

—— Scholarship recipients who have not been able to complete their study due to objective (exceptional) reasons within four years or will reach a better achievement in their research if the length of study is extended for a period of time may apply to extend their length of study sponsored by the Scholarship after approval of study extension from the University. The application should be subject to the written approval of all members of the Scholarship Committee.

——Scholarship recipients shall participate in the Annual Review once a year to decide whether they are qualified to be sponsored by the scholarship for the next academic year.

3. The Scholarship Recipient of Siemens China Scholarship are required to select one of the following research topics as the main research topic for the Ph.D. stage and have to carry out the research with Siemens.

II  Eligibility

Applicants for the Scholarship should meet all the following requirements:

1. Meet the requirements of admission for international graduate students (detailed information refer to the Admission to Graduate Programs of Tsinghua University 2020 (For International Students));

2. Should apply the department/school in the table 1(check the link at the end of post);

3. Must appreciate Siemens Values, and be willing to work together with Siemens to carry out research work;

4. Are not offered other kinds of scholarships for study at Tsinghua University.

Application Deadline (Beijing Time): March 1st, 2020

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