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Apply for the Adobe Research Fellowship 2020

Brief Description

The Adobe Research Fellowship recognizes outstanding graduate students anywhere in the world carrying out exceptional research in areas of computer science important to Adobe. This year, we will be awarding fellowships to graduate students working in the areas of computer graphics, computer vision, human-computer interaction, machine learning, visualization, audio, natural language processing, and programming languages.

Fellowship Details

The Adobe Research Fellowship consists of:

▪ A $10,000 award paid once.

▪ A Creative Cloud subscription membership for one year.

▪ An Adobe Research mentor.

▪ An opportunity to interview for an internship at Adobe.


In order to be considered for the 2020 Adobe Research Fellowship, students must meet the following criteria:

▪ Be registered as a full-time graduate student at a university.

▪ Remain an active, full-time student in a PhD program for the full duration of 2020 or forfeit the award.

▪ Cannot have a close relative working for Adobe Research.

Deadline is 27th September, 2019.

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