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Apply for the ICTP Master in High Performance Computing Scholarships 2020 for Developing Countries 

Brief Description These scholarships covers the MHPC tuition fees as well as the cost-of-living expenses and plane tickets from and to the origin country. The scholarships are provided by ICTP (not by MHPC), and winners are automatically admitted to MHPC.

Eligibility The ideal student for the MHPC has a strong interest in information technology problems driven by scientific research or industrial needs. English is the official language of the Master. MHPC is accessible by Italian students graduated with “laurea magistrale (D.M. 270/2004)” and “laurea Vecchio Ordinamento (L. 341/1990)”. International applicants with a Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degree are welcome to apply. Work experience will be evaluated during the admissions interview. No prior HPC knowledge is assumed, but candidates should have some experience in programming and a competence in one of the following languages: C, C++, Fortran. A sound knowledge of Linux operating system is also needed. A knowledge of Python language is assumed at the level of the first 39 exercises of the learn python the hard way Deadline is June 1st, 2020 For more information, click here


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