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Apply for the Success Scholarships to study in Turkey 2020

Brief Description

A specific number of international students will be granted Success Scholarships provided that they receive education in Turkey and meet the necessary requirements. Success Scholarships cover only monthly scholarship payments for an academic year and these payments are made only in months (9 months) students continue their education.


  • Students must have foreign citizenship. In case students hold dual citizenship, one of their nationality being the Republic of Turkey, they cannot apply to the Success Scholarship Program (Exchange students are not eligible).

  • Students must complete at least one academic year (2 semesters) in undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. degrees in Turkey (including scientific preparation classes), and undergraduate students must have at least 3.00 (out of 4) GPA (Grade Point Average), while Ph.D. students must score at least 3.5 (out of 4) in order to be eligible.

  • Undergraduate students in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy as an exception must have at least 2.50 (out of 4) GPA in order to be eligible.

  • Students who will apply to the Success Scholarship Program must not be previously granted or currently benefitting from any other scholarship granted as per Turkey Scholarships (including State, Government Scholarships, and canceled scholarships).

  • Also, students must not be currently benefitting from a scholarship granted by any institution or organization.

Deadline is October 31st, 2019 For more information, click here


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