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Apply For The Young Leaders Program By The French-African Foundation 2019

Brief Description

The French-African Foundation has launched the Young Leaders program in response to the immense global challenges which require a new generation of leaders whose ambition is to become true agents of change. In 2019, this program will be held under the double high patronage of the President of the French Republic Mr. Emmanuel Macron, and the President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr. Nana Akufo-Addo.

Selected candidates must show the talent, passion and shared values that have the potential to contribute to transformative change in Africa and in France. This program represents an exceptional opportunity to engage with other candidates as well as with national and continental leaders in the public and private sector.


  • Be between 28 and 40 years old as of October 31st, 2019;

  • Have French nationality or the nationality of an African country;

  • Fluency in English is required. Fluency in French or a demonstrated interest to learn French is highly beneficial and will be an advantage in the application process;

  • Demonstrated engagement across public and private sectors, and across geographical borders. The application must also demonstrate applied skills and experiences in any domain (which could include manufacturing and industry, services, public administration, agriculture, health, science, education, tech, culture and art, media, sports, community,...);

  • Demonstrate inclusive leadership, commitment, and a sustained involvement (3 years minimum) that impacts your community, country, or sub region.

  • Display of a privileged professional and / or personal and / or associative relationship with France and Africa (at least two out of these three points). This connection should be a lasting link of 3 years minimum.


  • 5 days in Paris from July 7 to 13th, 2019

  • 5 days in Accra, October, 2019

  • High-level meetings with leaders from the public and private sector

  • Excellent opportunities for mentorship, training and networking

  • Media exposure

  • Flights and accommodation covered by the French-African Young Leaders program

Deadline is May 17, 2019

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