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Apply For World Peace Initiative Mindfulness Grant 2019 for Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Brief Description

World Peace Initiative (WPI) is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Thailand. Our activities are based on the firm belief that world peace can be achieved, if each of us works first on achieving our own inner peace and then shares it with our family, friends, and community. World peace can then be achieved by using this model on a global scale.

WPI is working to create inner peace through the personal development of individuals worldwide. Through our activities, we offer free tools that support the practice of mindfulness, stimulate personal development, and empower people to be the change they want to see in the world. WPI has organized 64 fellowships for young leaders from all over the world, Peace Summits, and meditation retreats worldwide.


  • Winning up to 3,000 USD to implement the proposed project.

  • The opportunity of having one of our certified meditation instructors as an advisor for the implementation of the mindfulness aspect of the program and as a trainer at no cost.

  • If the project is successfully implemented, the team will also be sponsored to attend one of our training programs or meditation retreats.

  • The top 20 applicants of the grant will be given preference to attend one of our Peace Revolution African fellowships in 2019 if they apply.


  • In order to participate in this program, there are certain project requirements:

  • The project will be carried out in the Africa region by Africans only.

  • The project should be initiated originally by you and your team, not a copy of a previously implemented project and not something copied from somewhere else.

  • The project should not violate any human or animal rights or be involved in any process of killing or harming the lives of any other beings.

  • The project can't be involved in any kind of trade of financial securities or cryptocurrencies.

  • The project should have a positive social impact with a reach of at least 200 people.

  • The project must be environmental friendly.

  • The project can't involve any kind of hate or harsh speech.

  • This project can't involve the use of or promotion of intoxicating substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, or illicit drugs.

  • The project’s duration should be no more than 90 days.

  • The project must somehow involve mindfulness and meditation and be able to show how mindfulness and meditation can benefit the project.

  • The project should ideally have a plan for long term sustainability.

Selection will be based on the following criteria:

1. Objectives

How does the project contribute to the social, economic, and/or civic development of the applicant’s home country/city/region?

2. Social Impact

Does the project meet the needs of the local community?Does the project benefit people from different ethnic, religious, social, professional backgrounds and age groups?Does the project include the use of meditation to help the personal development of the people involved?

3. Feasibility

Is the proposal cost efficient?Does the proposal include cost sharing? Are partner organizations involved in conducting the project?Can the project be accomplished within the time frame?

4. Results

How realistic are the proposal’s expectations?Does your project have well-defined goals and objectives, which can be evaluated effectively?Does the project have a potential for future continuation?How will the results be shared with others?How many people will this project target?

5. Results dissemination

How will the project’s outreach occur?What social media tools will be used and what is the estimated reach?Will the project progress be covered in local/national media?What kind of dissemination materials will be prepared?

Deadline is March 31, 2019

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