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Apply: International Labour Organisation Fellowships and Seed Grants for Junior Researchers($18,000)

Brief Description

The ILO project “From Research to Action: Using Knowledge to Accelerate Progress in the Elimination of Child Labor and Forced Labor” (RTA) , in collaboration with IOM and support from USDOL, invites you to submit high-quality research proposals on child labour, forced labour, and human trafficking. The project will provide funding to support researchers from a variety of disciplines to fill knowledge gaps and achieve policy impact.


3 Research fellowships of $18,000 USD each for 12 months.

10 Seed grant projects of up to $10,000 USD each for 9 months.


  • The Research Fellowship is open to PhD degree holders, PhD students, or Master’s degree holders with 5 years of relevant research and teaching experience.

  • The Seed Grant is open to PhD degree holders, PhD students, or Master’s students.

  • Candidates from the Global South, female candidates, and underrepresented populations in the research community are encouraged to apply.


April 16, 2021

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