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Georgetown University Global Human Development Programme (GHD) Full Masters Scholarships 2024


The Georgetown University Global Human Development Programme is a two year, full-time master’s degree that encompasses an innovative skills-based curriculum with built-in opportunities for experiential learning. The curriculum covers core courses including the economics of development, international political economy, program design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, finance and budgeting, and management.


A full tuition scholarship for a GHD student from sub-Saharan Africa.


Applicants to the Global Human Development Program should meet the following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree.

  • Completion of courses in introductory macro- and microeconomics and statistics (must be completed before enrollment in August, not necessarily before applying).

  • Ability to function effectively in English and one other language (students must pass an oral proficiency exam before graduation, implying that they will have a reasonable command of one foreign language before entering the program).

  • Several years of experience living, studying, and working abroad is strongly recommended.

  • Completion of either the GRE (preferred) or GMAT exam, taken in time to submit the scores by the application deadline.

Deadline: January 15, 2023

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