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Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellowship 2023 For Europe, Middle East And Africa ($15,000 + 12-Week Paid


Fellowships for Ph.D. students at universities globally pursuing research aligned to the Microsoft Research areas of focus.


  • $15,000 USD are provided to help complete research as part of their doctoral thesis work for the academic year 2023–24.

  • Eligible recipients will be offered a 12-week paid internship with Microsoft Research’s Cambridge, UK lab or the Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI).

  • Opportunities will be provided to build relationships with research teams at Microsoft and receive mentorship.


  • Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Students should support this mission and embrace opportunities to foster diverse and inclusive cultures within their communities.

  • Ph.D. students must be enrolled at a university in Africa

  • Proposed research must be closely related to one of the themes at Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI)

    • AI/ML/NLP/data science: In many practically useful applications, data is often scarce and biased. Understanding how we work under these settings and deliver useful results has a great impact on many practical problems and gives us deep insights into what it means to learn with data. From practical applications such as NLP to understanding the fairness and generality of results and deepening our understanding of what is feasible with the available data for a particular problem. We’re interested in how we work better with the limitations of data.

    • Health: Advances in machine learning and AI offer us an opportunity to address the disparities in the access to and delivery of quality healthcare for all people. We’re interested in understanding and exploring spaces where technology can assist to fill the gap, from assisting healthcare practitioners to perform their roles more effectively, to bridging the last mile to patients, through scaling the delivery and reach of quality healthcare using technology.

    • Sustainability: Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability will be achieved by leveraging cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to transform the way we monitor, model and ultimately help in solving environmental challenges facing the globe. Within MARI, we are applying AI and analytics to understand and develop solutions that will address challenges related to sustainability. If you are a student enrolled in an African University undertaking a Ph.D. program in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics or a related field with a focus on solving problems related to sustainability, we would be delighted to receive your application.​​

    • Human-computer interaction: We seek fellows in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) who will explore Usability and Design questions under the areas of Work, Health Sustainability & Society. Typically, HCI interns lead and conduct research studies (online or on the ground), usability studies, literature reviews, and design interventions.


14th June 2023

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