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Six Pointers For Applying to Grad School

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Getting admission into a first-degree programme can be pretty straightforward, take some examinations, fill some forms, do some further tests and you are in. Applying for graduate school can be an entirely different kettle of fish with a lot of processes and requirements. Asides funding which is perhaps the most important hurdle to cross, there are a number of other crucial steps to take to ensure a successful graduate school application. At GetIn, we provide excellent graduate school application support to guide and ease up your application process. In this article, we have put together some tips on how to ace your graduate school application.


This is perhaps the most important question you will have to answer. What exactly do you want? A graduate degree? Fine. When? This will determine your preparation. What school, what country, what course would you like to study? Do you want to work and study? Do you want a scholarship? All of these and so much more need to be sorted out first. If you’re still unsure about any of these, then our Graduate School Application Bootcamp is the best place to be. Click here to register.


Graduate school application is a game of numbers, largely. You cannot afford to be narrow-minded. Spread your options. We recommend that you choose up to four to eight schools at a time, compare their requirements and what they have to offer and apply to at least three at a time. You may have decided on a country of choice but do not limit yourself. Consider other countries too. Our resource eight key things will prove very useful here as it guides you through the things you need to consider before choosing countries and schools for graduate studies.


This is very important too. We are not talking about your required essay(s), CVs and reference letters alone. Those are very important and should be prepared excellently. Your results are also part of the documents you need to get ready. Bear in mind that processing time for results and transcripts differ from school to school and country to country. There have been instances where students lost their admission because they could not get their transcript to the graduate school in good time. A stitch in time saves nine.


It is often said that the devil is in the detail, this is the rule when it comes to filling your application form. You should read all the instructions and adhere strictly, upload all necessary documents and pay attention to every piece of information on the website. Do not hesitate to mail the admissions office where you are not clear on any requirement or instruction. Remember that the admissions committee will be making a decision based on what you submit in your application form, as such, make it count.


This cannot be overemphasized. You need to reach out to those who have applied successfully to your dream school or other schools; who have secured the funding you’re eyeing. Even those who were not all that successful, they might just be in the best position to show you what you are not doing right. Social media has made this even easier. Sometimes, the scholarship website lists names of past awardees. You could look them up online and reach out. Our cold emailing class might come in handy here.


You must always have a plan B. What if your scholarship application falls through, do you have funding back up plan so you do not lose that year’s admission? What if you don’t get into the school of your dream? Have you applied to other schools? Is there still a grace window to do so? Are you going back to work? Are you waiting till the next year to try again? Have a rebound plan, it is very important.


Securing admissions (with scholarships) can be very competitive, but through our signature program the Graduate School Application Bootcamp, we will coach you on how to submit applications that cannot be ignored and improve your chances of securing the most competitive scholarships around the world.

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