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Study in Canada Scholarships 2023/2024 for Post-Secondary International Students


The Study in Canada Scholarships program is facilitated through institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements between post-secondary institutions in Canada and in the following eligible countries/territories: Algeria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, and Ukraine. These agreements are created between colleges, technical or vocational institutes and universities. Students, hereby referred to as “candidates”, must be registered as full-time students in their home institution at the time of application and during the entire duration of their study or research stay in Canada.


The Canadian institution will receive funding from DFATD for all successful candidates in the form of a contribution agreement and will be responsible for providing the funds to scholarship recipients.

The scholarship value varies depending on the duration of studies:

  • CAD 10,200 for college, undergraduate or graduate students (Master’s and Ph.D.) for a minimum of four months or one academic term of study or research; or

  • CAD 12,700 for graduate students (Master’s and Ph.D.) for a period of five to six months of study or research.

In addition to the funds allocated to the recipients by DFATD, the Canadian host institution may also claim CAD 500 per scholarship recipient to assist with administrative costs once the scholarship recipient arrives in Canada.


  • must engage in full-time studies or research as defined by the Canadian institution;

  • must be proficient in the language of instruction at the Canadian institution (English or French) before their arrival in Canada, as the scholarship does not cover language training. Language requirements are set by each Canadian institution;

  • may not hold any other scholarship granted by the Government of Canada;

  • carrying out a semester-based study exchange must arrive in Canada by September for the fall semester or by January for the winter semester;

  • conducting research must arrive in Canada for the uptake of their award between June 1, 2023, and no later than February 1, 2024. Failure to arrive during this time may result in the cancellation of the scholarship. In exceptional cases, and with prior approval from DFATD, the arrival deadline may be extended to March 1, 2023;

  • enrolled in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry or other health fields are excluded from clinical training or clinically-oriented research involving direct patient care;

  • must ensure that they have appropriate health insurance for the full duration of the scholarship, as per the policies of the Canadian institution;

  • must focus primarily on full-time studies or research during their stay in Canada; and

  • are expected to return to their home institutions after the scholarship period in order to complete their studies.


21st March 2023.

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