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The Young Diplomat Summer School of 2023


This program is intended for research that is applied and open, meaning the research seeks to answer a real-world question and should be openly published and made available to the scientific community at no cost. The Foundation supports research involving human or animal subjects when the project has been certified by a responsible body to be ethical and in compliance with local law. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator of the project to obtain these certifications.


This fee includes:

  • Workshops, lectures, tours of the Hague, embassy visits and final simulation.

  • Access to all events (participants may join optional events for an extra fee)

  • Signature welcome package.

  • All reading materials.

  • Certificate of participation.


To be admitted to this program, you do not need previous experience, knowledge, or related studies in the field. This program is open to anyone interested in the subject and wishing to obtain experience with democracy and diplomacy, and negotiation.

To be selected, please fill out our form (button below) in which you will be asked to provide us with the following:

  • A motivational statement of a maximum of 250 words. Include why you want to take part in this course and why you should be considered. Try answering the question of what the course will specifically bring you and what you will bring to the course. Avoid summarising your CV.

  • A back-home action plan of a maximum of 350 words. This action plan should explain to us how this program is going to help you in the development of your career and how you will be applying what you have learned. Try to include how you may pay forward what you have learned and how you can help the world to become more inclusive.

  • Your Curriculum Vitae, including current or previous studies, current or previous work experience, and current or previous extra-curricula.


May 7th 2023

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