We care about education. Our initiatives are motivated by Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is to "ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning". See how you can help! 

We believe in the value of connections.

We are looking for established academics and aspiring academics of African descent to join this network.

Collectively, we will mentor young African academics and tackle the problems plaguing the education sector in many African countries   

Join us to build the largest network of African scholars and academics

It is important for citizens to keep the government and education administrators accountable. Do you know a public education institution (primary, secondary or university) that deserves to be reported or recognized? Share the information with us and collectively we can make a difference

Have you seen a public school that deserves to be reported or recognised?

Massive inequalities in developing countries make it difficult for talented students to access the education they need. If you find or create an opportunity for scholars in developing countries, why not share with us? We have a large network of scholars who will make maximum use of these opportunities!

Do you have an opportunity for students in developing countries?