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Are you a student in a developing African country who wants to access global opportunities?

Are you unable to access key learning resources or are you stuck with an old curriculum unfit for the 21st century?

Do you want to expand your options upon graduation?

Register to learn practical tools and strategies for maximizing your undergrad experience and preparing for global relevance!

The Undergrad Course

How to make the Best of Your University Education in Africa and Compete Globally


Curious about how to get into a top university secure scholarships?

Past boot camp students have been admitted into Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, NYU, UChicago, LSE, Berkely and other top universities with significant funding!

The boot camp is relevant to ALL backgrounds and fields of study!

Graduate School Application Boot Camp

Learn Proven Strategies to Get you into Prestigious Graduate Schools, No Matter Your Background!

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A compelling introduction makes the difference whether your email gets a reply or passed over. In this course, you will learn how to send emails that will grab the reader’s attention.

Some of the lessons shared in this course include:

  • Keeping the mail short and simple and getting to the point

  • Don’t ask “google-able” questions

  • Drafting each line of a cold email to persuade the reader to read the next one, all the way through to your close.

  • Gathering your “receipts” before sending a cold email

Cold Emailing 101

Learn how to make connections with strangers and receive meaningful information

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In this course, you will learn how to get into a masters or Ph.D program that will enhance your market value as a lawyer. You will also learn how to target and apply for scholarships, as well as how to improve your career prospects after obtaining the degree.

Graduate School Application Boot Camp for Lawyers!

Everything you need to know about obtaining a masters degree in law from a prestigious school WITH funding!

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Your choice of graduate school, course and country determine your career prospects AFTER graduate school.

Don't make these choices lightly. Watch this FREE webinar to learn the key things you need to consider before making a decision!

8 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Graduate School

If you are considering a graduate degree, don't take any steps before watching this webinar

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