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The one-stop solution to achieve your study abroad dreams

Expert education consulting with one-on-one support designed to help you gain admission into one of our partner schools and kickstart a high-achieving career.

We've helped prospective students like you get into one of our partner schools with no hassle.

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Securing admission and settling down abroad should not be complicated. 

Here's how we will help you:

1. Get on a one-on-one consultation with our expert education consultants

Our experienced education consultants will help you gain clarity on your choice of schools and the courses to apply for, in line with your education and career goals.

2. Work with our consultants to develop a customized strategy

After we have understood your career goals and needs, we'll develop a strategy tailored to your top qualities and strengths.

4. You're In!

​Once you are admitted, our consultants will conduct pre-departure trainings to teach you the relevant skills needed to maximize your study abroad experience and position yourself for a global career.

3. Apply to one of our partner schools

Confidently submit your applications and relax while you wait for your acceptance offer.

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By working with hundreds of individuals from developing countries, we have developed a winning strategy to secure a spot in our partner schools for clients.


Mariam Momodu

Founder, GetIn Education Consulting

Thousands of people from developing countries seek to build global careers and improve their standard of living by studying abroad.


However, with each passing year, the competition increases. Thousands of applicants get rejected from their dream schools or are unable to fund their degrees after being accepted. 


Most applicants face these problems:

  1. They are unable to tell compelling stories about their achievements and abilities to invite and sustain the interests of admissions and scholarship committees.

  2. They feel they haven't achieved much and can't possibly be accepted.

  3. They submit subpar applications that immediately disinterest the admissions committees.

That's why we built GetIn — to help ambitious individuals like you level up using education. You deserve more for yourself and you should not settle for less. 

In the last 3 years, we have helped over 100 Africans like you achieve their academic and professional goals and secured over $3 million in scholarships to schools abroad!


If you are ready to take practical steps towards achieving your study abroad goals, then click below.

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