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Consult with Get In Education Consulting

Once you decide on the graduate schools you intend to apply to, contact us to help you through the process.


You will receive support from the moment you decide to apply until you submit your application.


Highlights include:

  • Initial consultation with an expert education consultant

  • Comprehensive revisions of your application documents (including your statement of purpose, research proposal, etc.)

  • Scholarship advice

  • Research proposal guidance

  • Interview preparation

  • Proven tips for getting a supervisor

  • Referee selection and management

  • Transcript related advice

  • Access to Get It Done (application accountability group)

  • Deadline tracking and creation of a customized timeline


As a bonus, you get access to our grad school boot camp, the GetInsiders community, and the Get It Done accountability group


If you are still unsure of the school, course, or county to choose, or you wish to make general enquiries, kindly fill the form here.

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