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Apply for Masters Scholarships to Study at Aalto University 2020

Brief Description

Aalto University Scholarship programme seeks to recognise talented non-EU/EEA students. Aalto University scholarships are merit-based and are granted on a competitive basis. The number of scholarships per degree programme is limited and depends on the overall number of selected non-EU/EEA students per degree programme.

Scholarships are allocated during the academic evaluation stage as part of the admissions process of a specific study option. The best applicants of a specific study option liable to tuition fees may be awarded a scholarship. For the academic evaluation criteria of the study option, please see the study option website.

Scope of scholarship

Aalto University scholarships cover either 50 % (Category B) or 100 % (Category A) of the tuition fee. Aalto University scholarships are awarded as tuition fee waivers.

At the moment, Aalto University does not offer any university-wide scholarships to cover living costs in Finland. Students are expected to cover all living expenses (app. 800 EUR per month) and other study-related costs from their own financial resources. More information about living costs is available on the Financial matters page (

How to apply for a scholarship?

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you can apply for the scholarship at the same time you apply for your preferred study option with the same application form during the application period. In the application form for the study option, you will be asked questions by which your liability to fees is determined. If you are considered liable to a tuition fee, you will be offered an option to apply or not apply for an Aalto University Scholarship. It is not possible to apply for the scholarship after the application period has ended.

Only students who are liable to pay tuition fees at Aalto University can apply for Aalto University scholarships (i.e. tuition fee waivers).

Scholarship decisions

The scholarship decisions are made based on academic evaluation of the applicants selected to the study programmes. Applications are evaluated in the programmes according to the predefined academic evaluation criteria (available on the programmes’ website).

The scholarship decision is given at the same time with the admission decision. As defined in the Universities Act, the scholarship decision cannot be appealed to.

Duration of scholarship

Scholarships are granted for the normative period of study of the degree programme. The normative study period is three (3) years full-time study for a bachelor’s degree and two (2) years full-time study for master’s degree. The scholarship requires full-time study and studying according to the approved personal study plan.

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