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Apply for Masters Scholarships to study at the University of Laval 2020

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Brief Description

The purpose of this program is to promote academic excellence by offering scholarships to foreign students who are citizens of an African or European country (other than France and French speaking Belgian students1) and are admitted to a master’s program at Université Laval.

This scholarship of $7,000 per year is renewable once, subject to compliance with the faculty’s criteria of excellence and upon the research director’s recommendation and faculty approval.

Criteria of Excellence

The Registrar’s Office considers the average available when the application is reviewed.

Achieve a score of 14/20 or better or the equivalent of a “mention bien” on the diploma required for admission.

Scholarships are awarded to candidates admitted to a master’s program2.

List of eligible programs

11/20 to 13/20 average

Candidates are eligible, but scholarships are subject to faculty decisions.


◦ At the deadline indicated below, must have submitted a complete application package3 at Université Laval in an eligible first master’s program and have been accepted in this program.

◦ List of eligible programs

◦ You are a foreign student who is a citizen of an African or European country other than France and French speaking Belgian students.

◦ You must not receive a full scholarship (tuition and living expenses) from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).

◦ You graduated from a public university accredited by the ministry of higher education in your country of origin. For private institutions, eligibility is determined when the file is reviewed.

◦ You are registered full time for the two firt semesters in the program of study for which the scholarship was granted.

Please note that master’s scholarships for international students will not be available for study programs followed exclusively outside Quebec.

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