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Apply for Scholarships to Study Masters Program in Energy for Sustainable Development Academic Year

Brief Description The Management of the University of Rwanda through its African Centre of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development (ACE-ESD) at College of Science and Technology (CST) is offering Masters Programs in Energy for Sustainable Development with the following Awards: Master of Science in Renewable Energy Master of Science in Electrical Power Systems Master of Science in Energy Economics Eligibility There are few full and partial scholarship opportunities available on a competitive basis for eligible candidates from Eastern, Southern Africa Region (Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia) and others African Countries.

The ACE-ESD scholarship will support living and research expenses such as approved field trips/placements, internship, conference attendance, and publication charges. Candidates awarded the ACE-ESD scholarships are supported only for the duration of studies, i.e., 2 years for Masters. However, this support is incumbent upon successful progress in each year. Candidates on the scholarship must Endeavour to complete their studies in the stipulated timeframes as extension of funding will not be possible.

Deadline is 15th June, 2020 For more information, click here


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