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Apply for School of Management Developing Futures Scholarships at University of Swansea

Brief Description At the School of Management we are dedicated to our students and are passionate about student success; in both academic excellence and involvement in student life. As such we have created the unique Developing Futures Scholarship programme. Our Developing Futures programme is more than a scholarship package; along with financial support for an academic year you will also get the chance to gain valuable career-enhancing skills. Recipients of the Scholarship will have the opportunity to work with the Recruitment and Marketing teams on a number of events, including Open Days, as well as working with the Student Information Office. Eligibility Postgraduate (taught) scholarships. Available to students from any country who have an offer to study at the School of Management in 2020-21. £3,000 for one academic year - automatically deducted from tuition fees. Deadline is 31st July, 2020 For more information, click here


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