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Apply for the 2020 Learn Africa Program for Women

Brief Description

The program Learn Africa aims to promote the transfer of knowledge, exchange and training of African female students through scholarships offered by Spanish universities.

Since 2013 and up to now, 153 African female students from 34 countries have been beneficiaries of this program and have studied different subjects and levels at 40 Spanish universities, 1 Portuguese and 2 educational centers in Morocco.


The scholarships for this call cover only tuition and academic fees.


  • Be a woman and have the nationality of an African country.

  • Be enrolled in an African university or have a university degree issued in an African country. For Postgraduate Scholarships, the Degree title is required. The required degree can vary depending on the requested scholarship (See details of each scholarship).

  • Meet the specific requirements and technical/technologic material of each type of scholarship.

  • Only one application per person


Scholarships can be requested from the 30th of June to the 15th of July (2020), both dates inclusive. This period may be extendable depending on the number of requests received.

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