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Apply for the 2020 Sub-Saharan Africa Planning and Design Scholarship

Brief Description Starting from 2016, the Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft provides two full scholarship to students from Sub-Saharan Africa aged between 22 and 28 to participate in the Summer School. The scholarships cover travel costs, accommodation and daily costs during the Summer School (meals and transportation). Eligibility We are looking for exceptionally motivated individuals with excellent communication skills, leadership qualities and capacity to work in a group in a collaborative way, who can demonstrate they will give a notable contribution to the Summer School and who can act as multipliers of the knowledge acquired at their home institutions. Selected students are expected to act as ambassadors for TU Delft, the Department of Urbanism and the Delft Global Initiative and will help promote our learning philosophy and values. This scholarship is only available to students from Sub-Saharan Africa . We strongly encourage female students to apply Deadline is 1st April, 2020 For more information, click here


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