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Apply for The AERC World Bank Visiting Scholars Program 2023


African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and The World Bank, Africa Region Chief Economist’s Office (AFRCE), signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a mutually beneficial collaborative partnership.

Benefit - The visiting scholars' program provides an opportunity for AERC researchers to visit the World Bank for four months, with a total of three researchers visiting every year. Visiting scholars will be selected from among AERC network members based on set guidelines including the World Bank’s policies and procedures. - The visiting scholars will be expected to be part of the AFRCE team; attend AFRCE-led activities; benefit from capacity-building efforts being organized by AFRCE, including collaboration with scholars and peers doing analytical work on World Bank Regional Flagship Studies; interact with the World - Bank’s researchers; fully utilize the World Bank’s resources to: (i) revise their draft paper and submit it to the World Bank Working Paper Series and a ranking Journal; (ii) present at least one seminar on their own research while in the program; (iii) contribute meaningfully to the World Bank’s Africa Region ongoing research and analytical work; and (iv) comply with all other terms and conditions included in their terms of reference and applicable consultancy contract.

Eligibility - Must be an AERC researcher, including researchers from the AERC collaborative PhD programme CPP); - Must have an active AERC research project at least at interim/post field stage or final research paper stage; and - The research project must be pertinent to the research agenda of the World Bank Africa Region and imperatives for sustained African development. - Must have completed a PhD programme. Deadline June 18, 2022

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