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Apply for the African Biomedical Engineering Mobility (ABEM) Fully-Funded Scholarships for Graduates


The African Biomedical Engineering Mobility (ABEM) project is funded by the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission. The scheme is modelled on Europe’s well-established and successful Erasmus-Mundus programme. As part of the Roadmap 2014-2017 of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, the Intra-Africa Mobility Scheme underlines the contribution of higher education towards economic and social development and the potential of academic mobility to improve the quality of higher education.


  • Roundtrip flight ticket and visa costs;

  • Participation costs such as tuition fees, registration fees and service fees where applicable

  • Insurance (health, accident, travel);

  • A settling-in allowance;

  • A monthly subsistence allowance;

  • A contribution to the research costs associated with student mobility of 10 months or longer.


  • Be a national and resident in any of the eligible countries covered by the Programme (see Section 2.1)

  • At the time of the application for a scholarship, be registered/admitted in their final year or have obtained their most recent degree (or equivalent) from one of the higher education institutions included in the partnership or a higher education institution not included in the partnership but established in an eligible country.

  • Have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction in the host institution.

  • Meet the specific requirements of the host institution.


January 13, 2021

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