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Apply for The ASCU Cambridge University African Students Mentorship Programme (CAMP) for Africans


The Cambridge University African Students Mentorship Programme (CAMP), formally known as the ASCU Mentorship Programme is an initiative owned and organized by the African Society of Cambridge University that aims to provide general guidance and support on the postgraduate application process for Africans applying to the University of Cambridge. CAMP is the first University of Cambridge African students-led institutionalized mentorship programme for Africans, that provides financial support for application fees as needed. The structured programme will be run from August 2022 to December 2022 and will include one-to-one mentorship support with a matched member of the university. Further support will be provided for mentees with successful Cambridge applications. Benefit - Free resources for completing all steps of the application process – contacting supervisors, references, CVs, personal statements, project proposals and funding - Weekly one-to-one support and feedback sessions on your application from people who have gone through the exact same process - Mock interviews - Limited need-based financial support covering the application fee - Progress reports to keep you on track - Information on Cambridge life - A network of inspiring students from all over the continent.

Eligibility - Must be from the African continent and/or the African diaspora. - Must exhibit academic excellence - Women, people living in conflict zones in Africa and persons living with disability are encouraged to apply The application for the program is divided into four sections – personal details, academic background and research experience, financial information and other information. A copy of your resume/CV is required.

Deadline July 1, 2022

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