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Apply for the Axel Adler Scholarship for Undergraduates and Graduates

Brief Description

The Axel Adler Scholarship is the University of Gothenburg's main scholarship programme for fee-paying students. It covers the tuition fee for the recipient. We award scholarships every year. The application process follows the timeline of our programme admission.


Scholarships cover the tuition fee of the programme you are admitted to. It is a tuition fee waiver only; no additional financial support for living expenses or travel grants are provided.


  • You are eligible to apply for the scholarship if you meet the criteria listed below:

  • You are required to pay tuition fees to Swedish universities

  • You have applied to any of our master’s programmes, full-time studies or you have applied for the bachelor’s programme in software engineering (full-time studies).

  • You must have submitted your application by 15 January 2021 through

  • You have paid the application fee and documented your eligibility for studies by 1 February 2021.

  • You have listed a programme at the University of Gothenburg, as your first choice at


15 January 2021

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