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Apply for the BookPecker Fellowship

Brief Description

Are you a person with the grit to become a local multiplier of social progress?

We welcome individuals who wish to join a global network of emerging impact leaders who believe in education being the instrument that can aid in bridging the gaps and divides in all milieus, be it social or economic. With an opportunity to interact and learn from teachers, academicians,leaders and humanity from diverse backgrounds, the BookPecker Development Fellowship holds in its ambit the warmth and care of motherly aid to not just the thousands of lives you touch, but also your very own self.

The Literacy Project Fellowship is designed to build capacity for effectuation of the project at the grassroots.


  • Opportunity to work on a project that will impact a large number of underprivileged communities by contributing towards reducing the digital divide

  • Certificate upon successful completion of fellowship

  • Letter of Recommendation from the Founders of PeaceX


Individuals pursuing/completed Bachelors or Masters in any field are welcome to apply for the fellowship. Fellows must possess a certain inclination and level of experience in the field of curriculum development, teaching, counselling, academic assessment and educational management.


January 25, 2021

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