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Apply For The Dartmouth College King Scholarship 2024


This scholarship equips the next generation of developing-nation intellectuals to lead the charge in reducing world poverty. Situated in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA, Dartmouth College is a private research institution belonging to the Ivy League.


King Scholars attend Dartmouth for four years at no cost to students or their families. This includes;

  • tuition

  • accommodation

  • health insurance,

  • a new computer in the first year, and

  • annual travel between Dartmouth and the student’s home country.


The Dartmouth College King Scholarship aims to benefit students who are:

  • Involved in their communities

  • Passionate about creating positive change.

  • Interested in alleviating poverty in their own countries

  • Capable of succeeding at a top U.S. university

  • Driven to succeed in whatever they do

  • Proficient in English   

Deadline: November 1, 2024

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