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Apply for the Energy Access Booster for African Entrepreneurs in the Energy Sector 2020

Brief Description

Access to reliable, affordable and clean energy is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Reaching this goal means providing electricity to 1.0 billion people and clean cooking systems to 3.0 billion people worldwide by 2030.

To help do that, TOTAL, ENEA Consulting, SEforALL and Acumen are launching the Energy Access Booster 2020 call for projects to support energy access entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia.


The Energy Access Booster 2020 is open to entrepreneurs based in Sub-Saharan Africa or Asia. The selection committee will be open to all applications in the scope but will consider all applications from within that geographic scope, but will give preference to entrepreneurs operating outside East Africa, given the high number of East African entrepreneurs selected in Booster 2019. The 2020 program targets firms at the development stage focusing on one of the two following circular economy-driven topics:

Selected entrepreneurs benefit from some or all of the following support, depending on their needs and the capabilities of each partner:

• A financial contribution of a maximum of $ 50,000 per selected entrepreneur

• A strategic advisory consulting mission

• Operational support

• Publicity for their company

The selected entrepreneurs will receive support in areas that include identification of relevant and sustainable business models, customer acquisition and retention, pilot project development, production organization, building appropriate distribution models, national or international scale-up, and financing.

Deadline is December 13th, 2019

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