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Apply for the Excellence Fellowships for Master's Study in Switzerland 2020

Brief Description

EPFL offers a limited number of fellowships at master’s level to students with outstanding academic records. Anyone applying to an EPFL master’s program is eligible. The selection of candidates and the granting of the fellowships is done based on the evaluation of the academic records of the candidates. The fellowship committee, comprising members of the EPFL sections, a representative of the Vice-Presidency for Education and representatives from other school services, selects the candidates. The selection process is very competitive, only about 3% of the master students receive such financial support. Some fellowships are funded by EPFL directly while others are funded through partnerships with foundations or private companies. These guidelines aim at providing all necessary details for EPFL excellence fellowship holders to prepare for their master’s and to meet performance expectations. The Student Affairs (SAE), located in the BP building, manages the fellowships. For any queries or clarification, please contact


Anyone applying to an EPFL master’s program is eligible. The EPFL grants a limited number of fellowships to the most deserving candidates based solely on their academic records. Cumulating this fellowship with other substantial scholarships is not possible. Candidates are required to declare all the scholarships they receive during their master’s. If your master at the EPFL is your second master’s degree, you are not eligible for an excellence fellowship

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