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Apply for the fully-funded Landhaus Fellowship Program


The Landhaus Fellowship Program is a residential program. Ten fellows will live and work together in the newly renovated historic house on the Herrmannsdorfer organic farm outside Munich. These fellowships are open to excellent doctoral, post-doctoral, and senior scholars who are working in the field of environment and society.


Fellows will receive a monthly stipend to cover basic living costs (food and transport) based on their career level at the start of the fellowship;

As a rule, candidates can expect the following funding:

  • 500 Euros for doctoral fellows

  • 750 Euros for post-doctoral fellows

  • 1000 Euros for senior fellows (15+ years post-doctoral)


  • fellows must have a demonstrated academic record in the field of environment and society;

  • fellows must either be enrolled in a doctoral program or finished with their doctoral degree by 15 June 2021;

  • fellows must commit to a stay of between three and twelve months;

  • fellowships must always start on the first day of the month and always conclude on the last day of the month;

  • fellows must be willing and able to live in residential accommodation with a diverse group of other scholars; please note that there are no facilities for partners and children at the RCC Landhaus and rooms are single occupancy only;


15 June 2021

Apply here


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