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Apply for the Growing Sustainably Scholarship: SUPPORTED BY ASAHI to the One Young World Summit 2020

Brief Description At Asahi, we hold sustainability as our responsibility - we value the gifts of nature and manage them effectively by reducing water consumption, minimizing our carbon footprint and reusing waste products. This year, we’re proud to have partnered with One Young World to create the Lead2030 Challenge for SDG13. The Challenge aims to find and support solutions that will contribute to the future of sustainable agriculture by supporting and enabling farmers to reduce their emissions and/or help adaptation and resilience against the climate challenges of this decade and beyond. In addition to our Lead2030 Challenge, we have created the Growing Sustainably Scholarship. This programme will enable 8 young leaders who are driving innovation in sustainable agriculture to participate in the One Young World Summit 2020 in Munich as part of Asahi’s global delegation. Eligibility This scholarship is intended to support young leaders who are: Aged 18 - 30 Have demonstrated leadership capcity. Have proven impact the field of sustainable agriculture. This can include work that: Improves the climate resilience of crops through sustainable practices. Reduces on-farm green-house gas emissions, water or energy us through new technologies. Supports farmers in fostering innovation and improving access to information, raising awareness of climate risks and new skills training. Addresses the sustainability of the wider supply chain beyond the farm. Deadline is 16th April, 2020 For more information, click here

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