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Apply For The Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance 2023/2024 Scholarships for Young Africans


Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance is a platform for highly educated young African social, business and political entrepreneurs, attending leading universities in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Our mission is to capture, inform and engage Africa’s global intellectual capital in the development of Africa.

Harambeans are African innovators who have pledged to “work together as one” to unlock the potential of Africa. Over the last decade, Harambeans has spawned a series of tech-enabled unicorns such as Andela, Flutterwave, and Yoco, which have collectively generated over 3000 jobs, raised over $700m from Google Ventures, CRE Ventures, and Accel.


The scholarship offers the following

  • Fellowships and Grants

  • Scholarships (Fletcher / Oxford Skoll / Yale / Oxford Pershing Square)

  • Mentors

  • Venture Capital

  • The Harambean Network


Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements;

  • Born in Africa and current passport holders of an African country

  • Exhibited entrepreneurial leadership in their field of interest

  • Two or more years of work experience

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

  • Candidates must arrange to have official university transcripts, letters of recommendation and standardized test scores arrive at Yale School of Management by the appropriate application deadline

Application deadline: 30th September, 2022.

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