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Apply For The IBM Digital Nation Africa Internship 2019 For Young Nigerians

Brief Description

IBM Digital-Nation Africa is a cloud-based learning and innovation platform, providing digital competency and nurturing innovation.

IBM Digital-Nation Africa curriculum content is designed for the following audiences: Explorer: People keen on learning about the new emerging technologies Innovator: Designed to help accelerate innovation and enable would-be innovators to bring their ideas to life New Collar: For those who want to align their skills to the requirements of the job market and seek better employment opportunities

What will you do:

IBM Digital-Nation Africa interns will be required to promote the program to youth in African in universities, communities, colleges and schools.

The interns will be required to present IBM Digital-Nation Africa to large number of audiences with ease and confidence, be enthusiastic and outgoing.


  • Individuals who are familiar with D-NA. Have digital badges from D-NA.

  • Individuals with demonstrable interest in technology, technically competent

  • Enthusiastic, with lots of energy, willing to travel within and outside the country

  • Working odd hours

  • Familiar with and active on social media

  • Can express themselves confidently in writing and verbally in both Kiswahili, English and can have a conversation in Sheng if required.

  • Willing to bring creative ideas to promote D-NA usage.

  • Uphold IBM values.

Deadline is unspecified

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