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Apply For The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship

Brief Description

LSTM is delighted to offer new scholarship opportunities to future leaders in global health from Ghana and Nigeria applying for a postgraduate qualification on our brand new, innovative and flexible Global Health programme.

The Global Health programme allows students to study online, part-time from anywhere in the world and has a modular structure with three routes: A Master of Science (MSc), Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

For students who are domiciled in Nigeria or Ghana and who hold Nigerian or Ghanaian Nationality

LSTM is looking for people who can have a real impact in country, the next generation of Global Health Leaders. Global Health is not just the realm of healthcare professionals. As a result, we are looking for a wide range of people from other disciplines that are impacted by global health issues.

Deadline is July 14, 2019

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