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Apply for the MSc/MTech Fellowship Programme of the African Academic Mobility Network(AWaRMN)

Brief Description

The Congo Basin Water Resources Research Center (CRREBaC) of the University of Kinshasa

(UNIKIN) is pleased to announce the call for applications for the MSc/MTech Fellowship

Programme of the African Academic Mobility Network (AWaRMN)


For successful applicants, AWaRMN funding will cover the following areas:

  • Participation costs (e.g. tuition/registration fees) of students.

  • Research costs (e.g. fieldwork, laboratory consumables).

  • Subsistence allowance: MSc/MTech: 600 Euro per month.

  • Special allowance to female students for mobility equal or more than 2 academic years,

  • viz – MSc/MTech: 600 Euro per year.

  • Economic class roundtrip flight ticket and visa costs.

  • Insurance (Health, accident and travel).

  • One-off settling-in allowance upon arrival to cover installation costs, viz – Ph.D.: 900 Euro.


  • be a national of an African Union member state and resident in Africa at the time of application.

  • meet both institutional and partnership requirements for admission.

  • not have benefited from any form of previous support from the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme, or Intra-ACP Mobility or Erasmus or Erasmus + programmes.

  • must be prepared to move from home country to another country where AWaRM has a partner institution. This also applies to foreign applicants who reside in a country with AWaRMN institution. For such applicants, you must then consider applying to a third country. For example, you are a Ugandan, but resides in South Africa or have studied in South Africa, you can not apply to Rhodes University in South Africa or Makerere in Uganda. Scholarships are attached to mobility. The scholarship is attached to mobility and therefore you can not apply to an institution in the country where you are a citizen or where you reside. If your previous degree is from a University outside of an African Union member state, you do not qualify.


16 August 2020 at 11:59 PM (SAST)

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