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Apply for the Phoenix Entrepreneur Award September 2020 at Coventry University

Brief Description

The MSc in International Entrepreneurship (MSc IE) is a unique programme aimed at learners who have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and/or want to set up business ventures and create value in national and international markets. Entrepreneurship is a key player in global economies contributing to economic development, sustainability and growth. Given the increasing interest in entrepreneurship from global governments and the private and public sectors entrepreneurship education has taken a significant place in terms of economic and societal development.


The Award is worth £7000


A panel will only consider applications for this financial award that meet eligibility criteria, and on their own merit. You must complete an application to study the MSc International Entrepreneurship at Coventry University starting in September 2020.

This award is available for students from all countries including the UK who hold an offer for MSc in International Entrepreneurship starting in September 2020.


Only applications received by 10 August 2020 will be considered.

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