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Apply for the Reginald Aziza Scholarship for Law Students by 5 November 2018

Brief Description

The Reginald Aziza Scholarship Award was conceived as an impactful way to shape the Nigerian society by grooming the next generation of thought-leaders in the legal profession. At its core, the scholarship aims to identify the brightest talents going into the Nigerian Law School, fund their tuition fees, provide personalized support and mentorship through their studies, and link them with opportunities for employment and further education in the best universities in the world.

Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship is extremely selective. Applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies at the university at the time of applying, and must be reasonably confident that they will be mobilized to the Nigerian Law School, and of their ability to resume at the beginning of the academic session.

The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate exceptional academic ability, strong leadership potential and financial need. Academic ability will be assessed by examining the candidate’s final results and academic transcripts. Performance will be examined relative to the pool of candidates who have applied in that particular year. Consequently, although there are no fixed performance benchmarks, candidates will be required to have a very strong Second-Class (Upper Division) degree at the minimum. Leadership potential and financial need will be assessed by examining the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae and from discussions with the candidate’s referees.

Application and Award Procedure

An outline of the application, deliberation and award procedure is set out below:

  • Candidates will be required to fill a biographical information form and upload copies of their academic transcript, a Curriculum Vitae, and a one-page personal statement explaining how the candidate meets the eligibility criteria and why the candidate ought to be selected for the scholarship. The Curriculum Vitae must be a maximum of two pages and include contact details of two referees.

  • Based on the applications received, an academic pre-screening benchmark will be set and announced on the scholarship page of the website. Only candidates who met the academic pre-screening will be shortlisted and move on to the next stage of consideration.

  • The shortlisted candidates will be assessed for leadership potential and financial need by a team of independent assessors. The assessment will entail an examination of the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae and conversations with the candidate, the candidate’s referees and people likely to be familiar with the candidate. The discussions will also establish the candidate’s plans for the future and the support the candidate is likely to require to be successful in the candidate’s future career.

  • The successful candidate(s) will be announced.

  • Payment for the winner’s tuition fees will be made directly to the Nigerian Law School and the successful candidate(s) will be issued with evidence of payment.

  • The successful candidate(s) will be provided with ongoing mentoring support for the duration of the studies at the Law School, and will be expected to give a brief monthly report on academic progress and challenges.

  • At the conclusion of the studies at the Law School, the successful candidate(s) will be provided with mentoring support on career opportunities with leading law firms and scholarship opportunities for further education to the best universities in the world.

Submit your application on or before November 5th 2018 by clicking here


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