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Apply for the Uppsala University Global Scholarships for Graduates

Brief Description

The scholarships will cover the full cost of tuition fees for studies at Uppsala University. It is for Master’s programmes that start on 30 August 2021 and are offered during the current admission round. The scholarships do not cover living expenses.


Scholarships will cover the cost of tuition but not living expenses.


  • You must be a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

  • You must demonstrate academic talent and show interest in being in an educational environment.

  • You can only be awarded an Uppsala University Global Scholarship for a Master’s programme at Uppsala University chosen as first priority (the programme which you have ranked the highest of the four programmes you can choose at University Admissions).

  • You must have applied for the Master's programme before the University Admissions deadline.

  • You must meet the entry requirements for the Master’s programme you applied for. The application fee and your complete supporting documents must be received by University Admissions before the deadline.


1 February 2021

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