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Apply for University of Manchester Masters Scholarship - Ethopia


The master’s scholarship is aimed at talented applicants, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds. The reputation of the University of Manchester is just one of the reasons why Manchester is the best place to study at the Masters. The university offers students much more than just a qualification. Their innovative courses are based on cutting edge research and strong links with the global industry. They will quickly develop skills and gain exposure to experiences that will set you apart in the jobs market.


  • The scholarship covers full tuition fees, and for students who will be studying in Manchester. The award includes return international airfares ,living expenses and visa.


Applicants should

  • Have at least two years’ professional experience related to your chosen field of study (this does not include unpaid internships or voluntary work);

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree (you must have graduated before September 2019) with an overall excellent grade, preferably a master’s degree. The awards are for academically outstanding students and typically this means that you are in the top 10% of your class;

  • Be a resident citizen of Ethiopia and have not previously studied outside Africa (training of six months or less does not count);

  • Be committed to returning home and able to demonstrate the potential to make a positive impact on the future of Ethiopia;

  • Have a clear idea of how studying in Manchester will benefit both your career and the wider community.


• 31st August 2020

For more information, click here


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