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Apply for Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2020 to Study in China

Brief Description To enhance international exchange & cooperation and attract excellent international students to study in Zhengzhou University, the President Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship)has been set up to sponsorinternational postgraduate students to pursue their degree, especially the doctor degree, in Zhengzhou University. The duration of scholarship is 4 years. The coverage of scholarship is shown in the following.

Eligibility 1. Non-Chinese citizen, physically healthy, without crime record; 2. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China as well as regulations of ZZU; 3. Good learning attitude and witha solid academic foundation and intellectual potential to become a highly specialized researcher or expert. 4. Requirements for applicant's degree and age: Applicants for doctoral program shouldhavean excellent academic record in a master’s program (for Pakistan applicants, should be 18 years master) or higher degree or equivalent degree, and aged less than 40 years old; 5. Requirements for applicant's language competence: 1) Applicants for doctoral programs in Chinese should be HSK 5 scored 210 ; 2) Applicants for doctoral programs in English should be IELTS 6.5 or higher if they are from non-English speaking countries; For more information, click here


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