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Apply: Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program for Nigerians to teach Hausa or Yoruba in the US

Brief Description Application opens: February 1 Application Closes: June 1 The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Mission Nigeria invites applications from qualified Nigerians wishing to teach Hausa or Yoruba languages and cultures to American students in U.S. universities and colleges. Eligibility Applicants must be citizens or nationals of Nigeria, or permanent residents holding a valid passport issued by the government of Nigeria. He or she must be residing in the country at the time of application Applicants must be graduates who have received their bachelor degrees in English language, Education, Linguistics, Yoruba, Hausa and Languages Applicants must be teachers of English Language or Yoruba or Hausa in Nigerian secondary schools, colleges or universities. Proven years of teaching experience are mandatory Applicants must have the endorsement of their employer Applicants must have an outstanding academic record and high level of English proficiency as demonstrated by a minimum score of 90 in the Internet Based TOEFL test. Applicants must have at least a credit in Yoruba language in WAEC/NECO Applicants must have an in-depth knowledge of Yoruba or Hausa culture and current events in Nigeria. They must have sincere interest in teaching Hausa or Yoruba language and culture to students in the U.S. Applicants must have leadership skills and the ability to motivate students in an emphatic manner Applicants must clearly demonstrate maturity, dependability, creativity, professionalism, flexibility, and a willingness to learn Applicants must be ready to become a cultural ambassador interested in meeting people and becoming part of community events and campus activities Applicants must have high motivation and a serious commitment to completing the program as scheduled and to returning home The FLTA program seeks applicants that have developed a sense of personal integrity and are original thinkers. Applicants that are found to have plagiarized in their application will be disqualified For more information, click here


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