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Apply Now: Fully Funded University Of Miami Stamps Scholarship


The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship opportunity awarded annually to exceptional and academically accomplished high school seniors who are incoming undergraduate students. Stamps Scholars receive a merit award that covers the full cost of attendance, including tuition, accommodation, a $12,000 stipend, and a laptop, for four years of undergraduate study. The unique aspect of the Stamps scholarship program lies in its support for students and aspiring young leaders, enabling them to pursue higher education and fulfill their academic and life aspirations.


The benefit of the University of Miami Stamps Scholarship 2024 includes the following: 

  • Tuition and fees

  • Accommodation

  • Feeding

  • Health insurance

  • Book allowance

  • Laptop allowance

  • Access to a $12,000 enrichment fund, which may be used toward study abroad

  • Undergraduate research

  • Unpaid internships, and other educational pursuits.


Additionally, interested applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Should apply for admission to an undergraduate degree at the University of Miami

  • Must meet the requirements for the program you are applying for

  • Must demonstrate exceptional academic ability in your application

Also, to retain the scholarship:

  • A Stamps Scholar must complete a full-time undergraduate program of study with no fewer than 12 credit hours during each of the fall and spring semesters for a minimum of 24 credit hours per academic year.

  • A minimum of a 3.0 GPA for the academic year must be maintained at the University of Miami, with the initial calculation at the end of the second semester of attendance.

  • The award is subject to revision pending receipt of any grant, scholarship, or prepaid tuition and/or housing aid not anticipated at the time the award is made. 

Deadline: November 1, 2024

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