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Apply:SHETRADES SCHOLARSHIP to study an Executive Master in Internationalization and Trade in Madrid

Brief Description

Together with the International Trade Centre, the IE Foundation and the IE School of Global and Public Affairs, the SheTrades Scholarship aims to empower women working in trade and business expansion as civil servants, a staff of a trade or in a business in a developing country, in order to help them unleash their maximum potential. This will have them increase the value of the businesses they represent and work for, expand the markets they have access to and connect with potential partners, buyers and investors.

Inspired by the International Trade Centre “SheTrades” initiative, this scholarship was founded on the firm belief that women’s economic empowerment is not a matter limited to government policy or the private sector, but a social responsibility. The enterprise, spanning Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, helps female entrepreneurs to enhance their skills and business knowledge, grow their organizations and stay up to date with market trends. By 2021, SheTrades, which also works with partner institutions such as Barclays, UPS and Visa, hopes to provide three million women access to their target market.

Every year, the scholarship will offer funding to six candidates who have demonstrated outstanding professional and academic development and achievement, and who seek to further increase their impact in the trade industry. This grant will cover the cost of all tuition fees. However, beneficiaries will need to cover the expenses associated with the course’s one-week residential periods in Madrid and Geneva.

This Scholarship is exclusively for the Executive Master in Internationalization and Trade.

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