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Ask Get In Consulting about Funding Opportunities for Graduate School

What are the best ways to access funding?

There is only one way to access funding. You apply!

Now the crux of the matter is what you do before you apply.

1. You need to know about the opportunity; and

2. You need to build a profile that is competitive enough to be selected.

Scholarships are available but they are not available to everyone at the same time.

We typically advise applicants to search for schools with guaranteed funding. This might mean expanding the countries you are interested in.

You should also stop surface searches online. Read all the information available and when in doubt contact the program administrator.

Funding is dependent on how much searching and how much preparation you put into the process.

Also, if you know anyone who has gotten funding that interests you, please speak to them!

Don't forget to register for our path to graduate school course. Registration closes 20th July, 2018


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