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Ask GetIn: My Graduate Records Examination (GRE) score is below 300. Should I take the exam again?

While there is no perfect score for the GRE exam, it is generally advised to aim for a high score. However, many graduate schools usually do not have a minimum GRE requirement and required scores generally vary by programs. Additionally, the GRE is only a part of your application. Your GRE score along with other required documents- personal statement, recommendation letters, transcript evaluation, relevant work experience, previous research work are evaluated in making the admission decision.

If you are applying for a highly competitive program (such as a Master of Business Administration- MBA) or to a competitive school (e.g. any of the Ivy Leagues), you may want to retake your GRE if you have a score below 300 to give you an edge over other applicants especially if you do not have considerable years of work experience or other factors that may set you apart from other candidates.

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