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Barcelona: EADA Business School Scholarship 2023/2024 For Women In Africa


Within the framework of the Scholarship Programme, EADA is committed to promoting young female changemakers with exceptional talent in different parts of the world to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit and generate social innovation.


King Abdulaziz University Scholarship will provide the recipient with the following benefits:


  • The candidates must pass an admissions process, including tests and an interview with. The candidates must pass an admissions process, including tests and an interview with the programme director.

  • This is a merit-based scholarship for a female candidate from Sub-Saharan Africa who can make a social impact in their country. This means that if you are involved in projects or initiatives as a changemaker or if your business purpose is aligned with making a social impact of any kind, you fit in this opportunity. Please let us know more about it in your letter of motivation.

  • This scholarship also implies that when you finish your Master’s, you would continue with your project in your home country or in the region.

  • It is required to be able to address your current entrepreneurship purpose as a Master’s Final project to be able to make this project known and enriched by you and with your fellow program members.

  • This scholarship is aimed at candidates who lack the financial resources to cover the cost of the Master’s programme.

  • As a scholarship recipient, you’ll be asked for authorization from EADA in order to publish quotes, interviews or graphic material in their channels regarding your academic experience at EADA.


22nd April 2023

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